Huawei and Arispa’s Second Annual Event

1. Joseph Yao, Digital Power President ME – Huawei 2022 Event

Arispa, Attended by Mr. Joseph Yao, the President of Huawei ME Digital Power, had a powerful speech regarding sustainability and green technology. Tecomsa’s media partner Unboxing MENA took advantage of his knowledge and interviewed him regarding this phenomenon.

Mr. Yao showed the several industries Huawei’s Digital Power is working on like telecenter facilities for digitalization, cyber power for telecom, and smart PV for solar generation.

Huawei’s Digital Power as per Mr. Yao has integrated its digital technology and power technology together to make the power industries move faster and sustainably in the future.

When asked “Do you think industries and companies, in general, will be able to adopt this energy in the future and be more sustainable?” he was hopeful, especially in the 5G, IoT, AI, and cloud domains. He believes that this adoption will improve the power electronics industry and will make the Middle Eastern region greener and more sustainable.


2. Ali Abdali, PCA Board Member – CEO NOVO

On its second day, solar power and renewable energy were the main topics to be discussed.

Mr. Ali Abed Ali was inspired by the knowledge the young speakers have on solar power and renewable energy. Their experience in this scientific/technological field is adding some new and innovative ideas and spirits to this specific industry.

Having such people in Lebanon with such capabilities makes us able to adopt this technology more than ever.


3. Camille Moukarzel – PCA President

Huawei and Arispa’s event was divided into two days with two different yet important topics.

Mr. Camille Moukarzel, President of PCA, emphasized the importance of keeping personal information safe by ensuring cybersecurity.

He also shed light on the importance of exploiting our natural resources to make Lebanon prosperous electricity-wise. Solar power is the green future for a better and green Lebanon.


4. George Abrial – Green IT Manager at Net Recrute

Mr. George’s participation at Huawei and Arispa’s event was mainly focused on the IT strategies and tactics to be taken for going green and being more eco-friendly.

When the climate is polluted, people are affected widely. Green IT is essentially correlated with how people use IT in an effective and less polluting manner.


5. Mohammad Sharara – Public Relations and Governmental Affairs at Huawei

Mr. Mohammad was hopeful about the two days’ topics to be discussed in front of many people. The first day sheds light on cybersecurity, how to avoid it, and its importance.

The second day also is important for it takes digital power as its main topic. It shows how power can stay clean and green without any risks of polluting the environment.

He then added that the strategies and ideas that will be presented on both days will be offered to the Lebanese government to hopefully consider them and start adopting them soon.


6. Rabih Baalbaki – Co-Founder MENA Edtech Alliance

When education and technology first started to take place in Lebanon, this path had to go many steps to reach the desired result.

One of these essential steps was cybersecurity which works on protecting the schools’ information. Also, solar power and green IT make a huge boost to schools and educational institutions due to the conventional solar panel’s contribution.


7. Hanady Karam – COO P.O.Tech

Ms. Hanady stated the important pillars to reach the desired cybersecurity goal.

She recommended starting with a cyber strategy and plan that the organization has to follow. This strategy also includes all policies, processes, and procedures.

The second pillar is cyber defense. The company has to put in place all the controls and equipment that will protect against an attack if it happens.

The third pillar is monitoring your controls to make sure they are efficient and doing their job properly.

The last pillar is cyber resilience. Once an incident or a security breach occurs the company should be ready and proactive to act directly.


8. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazeleh – Chairman of Talal Abu Ghazeleh Group

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh stated that the obstacles facing cybersecurity are enormous, especially after the technical and technological advancements invading our

lives, showing the importance of constantly developing security protection methods to keep up with all new threats to information security.

He also focused on the need to verify the effectiveness of the protection system in an organization by ensuring that a backup system is provided.

Dr. Abu Ghazeleh called for effective solutions, starting with moving away from fossil fuels and replacing them with solar and renewable energy at national and in