About Us

 Tecomsa S.A.L is a leading firm in IT & Telecommunication, UPS solutions, Digital Marketing and Software development. The mix of applied business experience with solid technology delivery capabilities allows us to better understand the client’s needs and propose IT strategies in line with the latest cutting-edge Technologies.

We have always been committed to providing the best systems and solutions to businesses. Since our foundation, we’ve been working on delivering “avant-garde” – integrated solutions in order to safeguard sustainability.

To maintain this promise, we partnered with the best suppliers. We deliver world class products backed by unparalleled customer service in the implementation of intelligent systems.

The company follows acute and well-formed policies in selecting Hight Tech products to avail highest standard of satisfaction among its clients.

Tecomsa offers services and products ranging from turnkey capability to stand alone self contained system. Tecomsa’s success is based on an extensive experience in all major sectors in Lebanon.

Vision, Mission & Values

We are always at the forefront of technology, and through our inventiveness we carry this legacy into the future.

At Tecomsa, we are guided by a set of core values we’ve developed as our company grew. Through these principles we see ourselves responsible towards all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers and partners

We understand the industry very well. This is why we are dedicated to serve all our clients in a way that would keep the industry at the top of its class

Success does not come absent of determination. By keeping a vigilant eye on technology advancements we are set to explore continuous progress.

Our company employs a dedicated team of highly qualified experts in the field of information and communication technology. Now, as we grow with our experience, we are capable of managing multi-vendor, multi-geography and multicultural environments.

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