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Phishing Attacks: A Real Problem

Phishing attacks are a type of cybercrime in which attackers attempt to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information or installing malware by disguising themselves as trustworthy entity. These attacks can take many forms, such as fake emails, websites, or social media messages.
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What Is IoT? How Does It Work?

When we stated before how technology is booming we knew how serious it is. IoT, Internet of Things, is also the latest technology that goes hand in hand with artificial intelligence. What is IoT? IoT is interconnected computer devices, animals, objects, and people that can transfer data over a network without the use of human-to-computer…
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Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Technology

Technology always has something hidden under its sleeve that twists around the world’s dynamics and motion. Each year new technologies boom and rise to be the savior of countries, governments, and businesses. The latest technology that the world is witnessing took major attention from the public, scientists, and business owners. It is mind blowing how…
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Our Telecom Road to Success

  As technology dynamically creeps across countries, leading tech firms are bound to deal with the rapid changes they encounter. Globalization forced organizations and companies to use technology extensively to position themselves highly and compete aggressively. Exploiting all the tools and new technologies will eventually lead to competitive advantages that will by time give any…
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A leading distributor of high-end IT services and solutions, Tecomsa mixes applied business experience with solid technology delivery capabilities to better understand the client’s needs and propose IT strategies in line with the latest technologies.   Mohammad Diab – TECOMSA CEO Biography With over than 10 years of experience in the information technology and telecommunications…