Tecomsa is a leading provider in the telecommunication industry worldwide. It has acquired its expertise and efficiency to provide and deliver international wholesale voice traffic, SMS, and global connection coverage to operators, maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction and quality of service throughout our work.

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Telecom Services

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  • International Gateway Management Services: Link the ingoing and outgoing traffic generated internationally to maintain a seamless legal road for enterprises.
  • Carrier Relations: Interconnect and finalize deals with elite carriers.
  • Direct Termination: Routing our telephone calls from one provider to the other.
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  • SMS API Integration: SMS API integration monetizes businesses and reaches out people seamlessly.
  • A2P SMS: Monetize your international message delivery.
  • Bulk SMS: Send a large number of SMS to your desired group of people.
  • SMS Firewall: Protect your business from frauds and any spams.
  • On-demand Video Subscription
  • Online Storage
  • Mobile Gaming and Music
  • TV Shows and Movies

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