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ERP is Tecomsa’s added value and specialty. Our goal is to implement and support your requirements and needs using Odoo regardless of your business type.  Customization and Development of every business service will always boost your performance and communication.

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Odoo Services

Our ERP experts at Tecomsa deliver projects in various industries by offering modules.

An Odoo demo guarantees a better experience and showcases how the software works.

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Helps and guides your partners with the right knowledge of Odoo’s regulations and rules. Tecomsa’s consultants will help you figure out the best tools that fit with your business organizations and style.

Tecomsa’s Odoo team offers you a hassle-free experience in developing and implementing your integrated platform as you need and request.

Every requirement and idea a customer asks for to be put in his website, Tecomsa’s Odoo team works on customizing. Customization is key to every personalized experience.

To have a customized and rich website and application, Tecomsa has the best Odoo personnel that are trained enough to meet every detail and requirement you as for.

Some clients prefer getting trained on Odoo for a better functional understanding on how it works and flows. Tecomsa offers this opportunity for them and deep teaches them.

Support and maintenance provided by the Odoo ERP division is a built-in service. We provide a full 24/7 support for your problems and bugs you face during your surf.

Odoo’s integration gives your work a more coherent identity. If you ever have two tools or applications that you wish to merge, Tecomsa’s ERP team integrates them altogether for better results.

If you ever had an old data that you wish to transfer to your new application or software, our ERP data migration does the work. Say no to deleted data again.

Odoo Modules

Finance, Sales, Website, Inventory and MRP, Human Resources, Marketing, and Services

The financial management functions of a company’s resource planning system include: Accounting, Invoicing, Expenses, Spreadsheet, Documents, and Sign.

Sales modules work on determining the sales rates the enterprise should maintain to reach the desired strategic plan.
CRM, Sales, POS, Subscriptions, Rental, Amazon Connector

A website module builds an integrated software to manage and organize the day-to-day business activities. It includes:
Website Builder, Ecommerce, Blogs, Forum, Live Chat, E-learning.

Educational management solutions are provided by the ERP team at Tecomsa designed specifically for a unique experience. By this solution, institutions, universities, schools, and students can easily manage and organize their work and duties.

The service module is a tool to plan, define, cost, track, and deliver products to customers.
Project, Timesheet, Field Service, Helpdesk, Planning, Appointments

Human resource management module manages employees’ work and database seamlessly.
This includes: Employees, Recruitment, Time Off, Appraisals, Referrals, Fleet, Payroll

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