Huawei and Arispa’s Second Annual Event – Press Release

Tecomsa was one of Arispa and Huawei’s Second Annual Conference entitled “Cybersecurity and Green Lebanon Summit” organizers along with its media ambassador Unboxing MENA.

This event was a two days conference divided into 2 main topics discussed by knowledgeable and elite experts and speakers.

The first day’s program presented the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity and how to avoid being a victim of fraud and hacking.
The topics discussed were the following:
– Worldwide Challenges of Cyber Threats

– Cyber Security in the Arab Region
– Industry Focus – Telecom Cyber Security
– Legal Framework of Cyber Security in the Arab Countries

The opening session was led by Mr. Feras Bakour the Chairman of Arispa along with Dr. Talal Abu Ghazeleh, Chairman of Talal Abu-Ghazeleh Group, Mr. Qian Minjian, Chinese Ambassador in Lebanon, Dr. Khaled Wali, Minister Plenipotentiary, and Mr. Johnny Korm the Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications.

Digital Power was the second day’s topic under the name Green Lebanon Summit. This day focused mainly on how to go green and sustainable yet stay up-to-date with technological trends and innovations.
The topics discussed were the following:

– Zero Carbon Emission Initiative
– Regulations Promoting Renewable Energy Adoption
– Economic Impact of Industrial and Urban Green Initiatives

– Digital Power Solutions and Technologies

The opening session had MP Elias Hankach, Head of IT Committee, Mr. Camille Moukarzel, Arispa Secretary General, Mr. Joseph Yao, the Chairman of HUAWEI Digital Power, and Dr. Walid Fayad, the Minister of Energy and Water.

Arispa’s event is an important journey that embarked on the way people perceive technology.

An event that most definitely transformed cyber security and sustainability in everyone’s mind.

These events bring a new spectrum in technology and give hope to a better Lebanon.