Top SMS Trends in 2022

SMS is still one of the most useful innovations and communication tools of the 20th century. It transformed communication into an easier and effortless chain. Despite constant threats, text messages still manage to reach a significant percentage of the population. Recent market analysis revealed that nearly 80% of the world’s population relies on SMS for business purposes. Additionally, dividing SMS usage by percentage, the stats show that:

  • 38% of texting is for tracking an order as food and personal valuables.
  • 32% of texting is used as a reminder ex: doctor appointments.
  • 30% of texting is used for confirmations such as confirmation codes, etc…

What Are Some New SMS Trends?

There are 2 top 2022 trends for SMS that would change the game for every company and business.

Cross-Selling and Transactional SMS Updates

Companies are using this type of SMS lately to alert customers and update them on their order history. These kinds of messages keep customers updated especially since they are already enthusiastic. Showing them complementary products and cross-selling them will entice them to impulse buy.

Auto-Reply Text Messages and SMS

Auto-replies are not new but are still used a lot by companies and businesses. Companies are using auto-reply text messages for a more efficient experience between the customers and them. Sending automatic replies when companies are busy and/or out of service will assist customers. This is a very effective tool to keep customers engaged and build a loyal customer base.

SMS is Still Not Out-dated

SMS will always stay an effective and efficient tool for businesses to create a strong loyal customer base. The trick of making it work and succeed is by using the right strategies, terminologies, and targeting the right audience.