Why is a School Management System Important?

Are you facing a hard time organizing the cluttered operations held at your school? Tap2Learn comes to the rescue. It is every school/educational institution’s choice!

Tap2Learn is considered an important school management system because it offers several features and benefits that help schools streamline and automate various administrative tasks, such as student enrollment, attendance tracking, assignment management, and report generation.

These features can help schools save time and effort, increase efficiency, and improve communication between teachers, students, and parents. Additionally, the system’s user-friendly interface and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection make it easy to use and accessible for all stakeholders.

Features of a School Management System

A school management system typically includes the following features:

Welcome Office

Tap2Learn has a virtual welcome office to help you with any inquiries and complaints. That contains visitors and phone calls log, inquiries and complaints log, and news and events

Classes Management

Managing a class is known for being one of the hardest tasks. Tap2Learn grants every institution and teacher the chance to easily manage his class with our class management feature.

What does that include? Get a well-defined attendance report for all students of a certain class for a certain month, manage class timetables section-wise, and promote a student from one class to another.

Agenda and Homework

Getting notified of your and/or your kid’s homework and its deadline as well as one of Tap2Learn’s best features! As a parent, you can get notified of your kid’s homework, deadlines, and school activities anywhere and at any time.

Attendance System

Get a well-defined attendance report for all students of a certain class for a certain month with Tap2Learn. This feature offers you a paperless and less time-consuming experience. Generate attendance or absent reports of the day, week, month, and yearly. To make Tap2Learn more effective it bridges communication gaps between parents and teachers and records reasons for absence.

Online Exams

The teacher staff will love this feature the most. Online examination is always an easy task to boost and uplift your teaching and learning experience. During the pandemic, eLearning took the spot and showed effectiveness and easiness among students, teachers, and parents.

What do you get with this exam management feature? Grades report for parents and students, addition or removal of an exam, and the ability to add multiple question style exams.

Online Lives Classes

Enjoy your video conferencing experience and live classes with Tap2Learn. This feature gives you a seamless experience of videoconferencing, webcams, microphones, and screen sharing.

Marks Management

Did you say managing marks is easy with Tap2Learn? Yes! What you heard is true! Evaluate and compare marks based on a database casually inserted on our platform! Evaluate or put exam marks for each student subject-wise, compare students’ marks, and print student mark sheets.

Library and Study Material

E-learning boomed these two years extensively. Tap2Learn gives you a complete library management system integrated with the system so that librarians can manage library books easily. The ability to upload class-specific materials is also an option in our software. So what are you waiting for?

You can get a complete Library management system integrated with the system so that librarians can manage library books easily, you can upload study materials, and the study materials can be class specific.

Communication System

Communication is an easy task with Tap2Learn since the messaging tools are always available and ready to assist you in every way possible. Tap2Learn’s communication system has an inbox messaging system, email communication system, and SMS mobile notifications.

Tuition Management

Say goodbye to forgetting the tuition date and due. Tap2Learn offers you a complete tuition management system that works on notifying you of all the due dates and unpaid invoices, tracking student fee payments, and generating reports. It includes many systems such as accounts management systems and revenue management systems.

One of the best things that this feature embeds is showing the paid and unpaid students list reports and sending an automated SMS notification to fee defaulters.

Transportation Management

Matching and assisting students to their convenient vehicle makes it easier for the school and parents to monitor. Parents and schools will stay up-to-date on the tracking systems and be more aware of their direction.

Importance of a School Management System

Tecomsa’s school management software (Tap2Learn) is important because it helps to streamline and automate various administrative tasks, improving efficiency and saving time. It also provides a centralized platform for managing student data, communicating with parents, and conducting assessments.

This results in better decision-making, enhanced communication, and improved student outcomes. Additionally, a good school management system can also provide valuable insights into the performance of students, teachers, and the school as a whole, helping to drive continuous improvement.

Check Tap2Learn’s features and contact us for more details.

Written by: Venus Marwani