Mohamad DIAB

Chairman & CEO

Chairman Message

Innovation and creativity are the core of Tecomsa's foundation and well-being. The rapid growth that Tecomsa is witnessing each month reflects the dedication the whole organization works on injecting into this cocoon. 
Who is behind this success?The gratitude goes to the person with over fifteen years of experience in the information technology and telecommunications sector. The heartfelt knowledge and global vision emitted by him made this journey internationally successful. Mr. Mohammad Diab, CEO of Tecomsa, is the colonel of it all. 
The founder’s message"My foremost aim is to make a difference in this industry, to provide IT solutions to all kinds of businesses, and to be the pioneer and leader of IT and telecommunications. We regularly initiate to craft the highest values a customer would ask for in terms of security, solutions, and development", stated Mohammad Diab, the CEO, and founder of Tecomsa. 
Our divisions and successesThe solid technology delivery and innovative IT proposals held are the outcomes of the five divisions. Our provided services started with information technology but didn't limit itself to engaging in it only. The division of IT boosted the competitive advantages among its competitors due to the intelligent computerized innovations held. The divisions and interests started growing to four more. The software and Odoo departments adopted important projects in several private and public sectors giving the clients the expected satisfactory customized experience and cloud applications. As for the telecommunication division, Tecomsa contributed many secure voice/messaging solutions and crafted a smooth communication lane in the region. The digital marketing division is the last investment and string that stitches it all. This team granted Tecomsa a worldwide connection and permitted a rewarding digital society presence. 
The victories and milestones that have been reached each month mark a rebirth to its core. Tecomsa regularly attends exhibitions and events internationally to imprint the never-ending success stories and increase the business targets. We have worked and successfully delivered more than thousands of projects worldwide. We also partnered with the most elite and influential telecom, IT, and communications firms gaining mutual trust and expertise.
Technology of TomorrowMohammad Diab, the CEO of Tecomsa, and his whole team are always ready to take risks and enter battles. Adopting the same values and visions made them work as though Tecomsa is indeed tomorrow’s technology.