Odoo/ERP Modules


Odoo Modules

Finance, Sales, Website, Inventory and MRP, Human Resources, Marketing, Services, &


The financial management functions of a company’s resource planning system include:
- Accounting
- Invoicing
- Expenses
- Spreadsheet
- Documents
- Sign


Sales modules work on determining the sales rates the enterprise should maintain to reach the desired strategic plan.
- Sales
- Subscriptions
- Rental
- Amazon Connector


A website module builds an integrated software to manage and organize the day-to-day business activities. It includes:
- Website Builder
- E-commerce
- Blogs
- Forum
- Live Chat
- E-learning


Educational management solutions are provided by the ERP team at Tecomsa designed specifically for a unique experience. By this solution, institutions, universities, schools, and students can easily manage and organize their work and duties.

Service Management

The service module is a tool to plan, define, cost, track, and deliver products to customers.
- Project
- Timesheet
- Field Service
- Helpdesk
- Planning
- Appointments

Human Resources Management

Human resource management module manages employees’ work and database seamlessly.
This includes:
- Employees
- Recruitment
- Time Off
- Appraisals
- Referrals
- Fleet
- Payroll