VOIP Services


TECOMSA excels as a premium-quality provider, specializing in the termination of international telecommunication traffic. Our clients benefit from the industry's lowest rates for international calls to any global destination. With a widespread network, we ensure seamless connectivity to every country. Globally, TECOMSA handles substantial volumes of telecom traffic, enabling us to offer highly competitive international rates. Through our extensive wholesale minute traffic, we pass on remarkable cost savings to our esteemed clients.11

International Gateway Management Services

International Gateway Management Services play a vital role in linking incoming and outgoing international telecom traffic for enterprises. These services facilitate the smooth flow of communication while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. By managing gateways, we provide a secure and efficient route for international voice and data traffic, enabling businesses to establish global connectivity and expand their operations seamlessly.

Carrier Relations

When it comes to carrier relations, establishing interconnectivity and securing deals with top-tier carriers is crucial. By forging strong partnerships, we ensure seamless communication and enhanced service offerings for our customers. The process involves negotiating agreements, aligning technical specifications, and solidifying mutually beneficial terms to optimize network connectivity and expand market reach. Effective carrier relations lay the foundation for a robust and reliable telecom infrastructure.

Direct Termination

Direct termination refers to the routing of phone calls or data directly to the intended recipient's network without any intermediate carriers. This offers improved efficiency, lower costs, and reduced latency. Direct termination plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication and connectivity in the telecommunications industry.