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Tecomsa's software products solves several managerial and day-to-day tasks. 


Tap2Coach is a coaching management system designed to streamline and enhance coaching processes. It offers a user-friendly platform for managing coaching sessions, scheduling, progress tracking, and performance analysis, empowering coaches to optimize their services and clients to achieve their goals effectively.


Tap2Learn is an education management system designed to enhance the learning process. It provides a user-friendly platform for managing educational resources, student data, curriculum, assessments, and performance analysis. With Tap2Learn, educators can optimize teaching methods, track student progress, and foster a conducive learning environment for better educational outcomes.

Flight Management System

This software is an on-board multi-purpose navigation and
operations designed to produce virtual information and
operational harmony between closed and open components
related to the military flights, personnel, airbases
management, pilots’ currencies, and more.

TLaundry - Laundry Management System

TLaundry is a Laundry Management System designed to provide centralized solutions for efficient laundry management. With TLaundry, businesses can streamline operations, track orders, manage inventory, handle payments, and enhance customer experiences. This user-friendly system aims to optimize laundry processes and improve overall management efficiency.

Parking Management System

The Parking Management System is a software solution that streamlines day-to-day parking operations and tasks. It automates processes like vehicle entry/exit, parking spot allocation, payment processing, and reporting. This user-friendly system enhances efficiency and customer experience while effectively managing parking facilities.

Clinic Management System

The Clinic Management System is a software designed to facilitate efficient clinic and operations management for medical staff and doctors. It offers features like patient scheduling, electronic health records (EHR), billing and invoicing, prescription management, and appointment reminders. This user-friendly system enhances workflow, reduces paperwork, and improves patient care and overall clinic efficiency.

Donation Management System

The Donation Management System is a software solution designed to streamline and organize the donation workflow and operations. It facilitates efficient management of donation processes, including donation tracking, donor information, contribution management, and reporting. This user-friendly system ensures smooth and strategic handling of donations, enabling organizations to optimize their fundraising efforts and make a positive impact on their missions.

Workflow Management System

The Workflow Management System is software that assists in organizing and sequencing tasks, facilitating the efficient arrangement of workflow applications. It enables users to design, automate, and monitor workflows, ensuring smooth and systematic execution of processes. This user-friendly system enhances productivity, collaboration, and process optimization within organizations.

Business Plan Management System

The Business Plan Management System assists in implementing policies, practices, guidelines, processes, and procedures involved in the development, preparation, and execution of business plans. This comprehensive system supports businesses in creating and managing well-structured business plans, enabling effective strategic decision-making and successful execution of organizational objectives. It streamlines the entire business planning process, enhances collaboration, and improves the overall efficiency of business plan management.

Station Management System

The Station Management System displays the available and operating petrol stations, along with the fuel availability, through two mobile applications. One app is designed for users to locate nearby petrol stations and view real-time fuel availability. The other app is for station owners and staff to manage their stations' status, update fuel availability, and monitor operations. This integrated solution enhances user convenience and improves the efficiency of station management and fuel distribution.