Importance of Odoo on Businesses

What is Odoo/ERP?

As automation gains momentum and digitalization shape the business processes, companies increasingly need to accelerate their processes and adapt to the increasing speed of emerging technologies. With these developments deeply rooted in the core of all industries, ERP has become one of the most viral technologies in recent years. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by using Odoo ERP (an intelligent system) that unifies the financial, supply chain, operational, reporting, manufacturing, and human resources activities of the company.

Why is ERP/Odoo Important?

1. Sales: Odoo generates accurate quotations for your prospects. The sales module also designs, implements, and adapts your pricing strategy to maximize revenue. By automating sales operations such as quotations, purchase orders, and contract management you can direct your energies toward customer relationships and revenue.

2. CRM: Customer relationship management is all about prospect attraction, lead tracking, collecting information, and activity organization.

3. Point-of-Sale: POS is a solution to handle shops, restaurants, accounting and balance sheets, and sales.

4. Automatic Invoicing – Automatic invoicing simplifies your invoicing processes. The user-friendly application creates invoices from sales orders and delivery orders or bases them on material and time. Odoo invoicing module can be scaled according to your business requirement.

5. Subscription: Odoo ERP subscription applications manage services, products, and future demands for a huge revenue stream for your business. You can create your subscription plan and offer it to your customer.

6. Marketing: With Odoo, marketing takes a simpler twist. You get all the marketing tools in one simple screen. From marketing automation to bulk messaging, the publication, and the measure of social media, Odoo gives you all your marketing solutions.

7. Operations: Managing your business operations is hard work. Using ERP/Odoo as part of your workflow makes it easier to finalize all your operational requirements.

8. Supply Chain Management: Odoo ERP automates your purchase, warehousing, and manufacturing. With the inventory module, you can track your stock levels and create automatic rules to replenish inventory.

9. Manufacturing: Manufacturing, maintenance, PLM, and quality checks will always be solved with ERP manufacturing solutions.

10. Human Resources: With Odoo ERP, you can manage your resources, timesheets, holidays, expenses, and employee directories. The app also lets you recruit the best candidates and measure results.

11. Website and e-Commerce: Apart from giving you an easy way to create your website, Odoo allows you to set up your e-commerce website with a live chat feature to interact and stay in touch with your customers.

12. Finances: Odoo ERP monitors your finances, accounting, invoicing, and expense needs. With Odoo ERP, you have the opportunity to stand out from the competition and stay up to date with efficient business processes.

Written by: Venus Marwani