Odoo: Don’t Miss Any Sales Opportunity Again!

Sales representatives, traditionally, used to receive leads generated through emails or back-office acquisition. After the seller receives the email, he then tries to close the deal. Outdated method! Modern organizations reliably provide all types of relevant information to their sales representatives. This method ensures that no company or sales rep misses any sales opportunity.

Salespeople’s tasks aren’t only bordered on quotations, orders, and customer data but also to check whether some items are still in stock and the expected delivery time of every item. 

Insightful Examples

A visitor to your website has completed a contact form. Salespeople can see exactly which pages their prospects are visiting and what they are interested in. They consider these actions as rich and valuable information to understand their shopping behaviour.

How Does Odoo Make the Best Out of Your Opportunities?

When someone drops their email address in the contact form, Odoo collects information available from the Internet, such as their LinkedIn profile. Odoo automatically finds out where your visitors work, what their job title is, the size of their company, the industry their organization belongs to, and more. 

With this information, salespeople can influence the sales process simply because they know more about the person sitting in front of them. As a result, salespeople can make better decisions and keep their activities under control. In short, make smart decisions about succession, sales forecasting, and simply fill the sales pipeline with one simple software, Odoo.

Of course, Odoo helps new businesses, but it certainly helps convert sales with existing customers as well. You can use Odoo to see what your customers have ordered and how it compares to the previous year. However, sales reps can also see if the customer is in frequent contact with customer service and how often the customer has been visited by an account manager. Odoo allows sellers to get all this data. 

A Small Message

Stop tracking customers’ data in Excel. Encourage your salespeople by giving them the right tools to succeed. Tecomsa, being one of the best Odoo providers in Lebanon, can offer you the best ERP experience. Contact us at info@tecomsa.me for details on how to never miss a sale again!

Written by: Venus Marwani