Tecomsa is Present at EduTech’s Event


EduTech envisions the impact of technology in transforming learning. They implement distinct hands-on and technology-driven learning solutions in any form of digital and physical environments in educational campuses and organisations in the Middle East.

Tecomsa has taken the chance to be part of EduTech’s exhibition.

Attended by the Minister of Education Dr. Abbas Al Halabi, Mr. Mohamad Diab, Tecomsa’s Chairman, organized by the Technology Officer in the General Secretariat Mr. Joseph Nakhle, a post-event dinner was held for its reputable and dearest attendees to celebrate the success and to connect with more successful people.

The Minister of Education Dr. Abbas Al Halabi was also present and honored Tecomsa for their presence and hard work.

This event was sponsored by Unboxing MENA the Media Ambassador of Tecomsa.