Tips to Do SMS Right

SMS is the most powerful tool you need to engage and reach your audience instantly with 97% of text messages opened and read within 5 seconds of being received. The first step to success with SMS is creating a perfect SMS copy.

Here are 7 tips for crafting great SMS texts and running successful campaigns.

1. Keep it short

One SMS message consists of 160 characters. To run the most cost-effective campaign, you need to choose your words carefully. In short, the benefit or reward for the recipient should be clear. Also, try not to yell at the recipient. Using capital letters is a turn-off. Stick to plain text and win campaigns. However, you can capitalize the words you want to pop out to get the recipient’s attention 

2. Provide an opt-out path in every message

Be sure to add a simple opt-out option in your text. Make it clear to your customers that they can stop accepting messages from you at any time. No one wants to be bombarded with messages that don’t help them. A simple and clear opt-out tool protects your reputation and saves you money by not wasting your SMS.

3. Proofread your copy and don’t do “text speech”

Don’t forget to proofread your outgoing message. There is no way to remember what has been sent once, so it is important to set it correctly the first time. What is true for email is also true for SMS.

Your copy tells the story that your brand and image are “at stake.” For these reasons, avoid texting.

4. Add a clear call to action

Make sure the reason for the text is clear. You want your recipients to reply to your texts, so tell them what they need to do to benefit from the information you’re sending. Follow the same guidelines as Google Ads. Let your customers know what they can get and how to get it. Clear and action-oriented language produces the best results.

5. Make sure you link your text to mobile-friendly pages

If the text is successfully created, the recipient clicks on the call to action. These are on mobile devices, so make sure your pages are mobile-friendly. 

6. Make it urgent

You can send a great offer to someone interested, but if it’s not urgent, the recipient can save it for later. When this happens, they are more likely to forget and not return to text.

7. Personalize your message.

A great feature of text messaging is the ability to send messages to targeted recipients. With the recipient’s name, the SMS is personalized. You also want to create engagement, so make sure it sounds familiar. Don’t forget to put your name or company name in the text so your customers can easily see where you’re coming from. For instance, companies and businesses have to find a way to reach an equilibrium between personal information security and customer experience.

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